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How Digital Bridging between Technology and Administration succeeds in the Age of Industry 4.0

A Statement from Frank Schlupp, CEO keytech Süd GmbH

The ultimate goal in manufacturing companies is an optimal handling of customer projects. The change that comes with Industry 4.0 reduces the product development cycle dramatically. At the same time products are becoming more innovative, smarter and more networked. This development puts enormous demands on process quality. Intensive, department-wide cooperation is required so that all projects can run effectively.

Make Design Data Available Early

The cradle of each new product is in the design department. In the past this department was isolated like a lab, but today it is the source of all product information. Modern 3D CAD systems deliver a lot of reliable information long before the actual product is even produced. In many other positions in the company this data is the basis for making up-to-date decisions.

Perspective Required

Today decision-makers require the full perspective of all company processes for the rational implementation of projects. The question is however, how do you gain a reliable, quick overview while still being able to see the details? The key lies in the construction of an electronic control center, which leads to intelligent networking of the existing systems. Digital systems determine the information landscape in manufacturing companies today. They are based on two basic pillars in manufacturing plants: On the one hand you have development, design and technology that manage their data in a PLM system. On the other hand you have the business departments such as purchasing, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, warehousing and logistics. They manage their resources with an ERP system. Business departments and technology exchange documents, which, ideally, are revised, archived and kept available with the help of DMS software. Project planning software supports the workflow management. 

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