orchestrated solution

Together with a well engineered PLM and DMS software solution,
you will also need a thought-through concept

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implementation strategy

With keytech it only takes five steps to lead to your success

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We are on your side ...

Just as important as an appropriate strategy for product development is an individually tailored approach to the introduction of the keytech solution into your company. Our service includes comprehensive support during the implementation phase within individual departments. You can benefit not only from a great product, but also versatile service. keytech will be by your side as you implement the system and completely support you through production start.

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... from the Beginning

Before we begin working together, the basic requirements of the project will be clarified in a kick-off event in order to guarantee the success of the project on both sides. The exact project workflow will then be determined and concrete goals and milestones defined. Finally selected KeyUsers will be trained to use the software by keytech experts. They will then be in the position to transfer their daily tasks to keytech and to make a purposeful contribution to framing the requirement.

Complete Service made by keytech

Seamless Operation in all Project Phases

To make the most of the individual DMS or PLM software, the next step for keytech is to prepare a thorough specification together with the customer that records all the requirements and will provide guidance during the implementation. During the next project phase keytech will set up a test system that simulates the various functions and checks the functionality of all work steps. This test run is essential for the production start and guarantees a seamless operation. Also when your personal product management system goes live keytech is on your side and ensures a successful start.

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Five Steps to Success

Your start to a successful Project

During the kick-off, in addition to the mutual introduction of the respective project managers and the common definition of the general requirements, the focus at this stage is to get to know the customer and its operations. Mutual understanding is the basis for the targeted definition of the requirements and ultimately the success of the project.

  • Introduction of the project team members
  • Introduction of the project scope and definition of milestones
  • Getting to know customer operations

Competent Points of Contact within Your Company

Specially selected KeyUsers will be trained to work with the software and will learn how to complete their tasks using the software. They are thus making an important contribution to the definition of their company-specific operations with keytech. Later they will be the first point of contact for questions within your company. Resistance to change is thereby reduced and acceptance of the new software is increased.

  • Installation of the keytech training database
  • Training of the customer operations using keytech Standard
  • List of requirements from KeyUsers

Only Concrete Objectives can actually be achieved

Together an individual specification is built according to the customer requirements. The written definition ensures clarity and measurability.

  • Joint development of requirements
  • Analysis of current data
  • Acceptance of the specifications

The Simulated Production Environment of your Company

Following installation a test run is carried out under real conditions in your client system. Only when it is clear that everything is functioning as planned can the next step follow. Existing operations continue undisturbed.

  • Test data acquisition
  • KeyUsers test functionality
  • Detailed planning for production start

Now it gets Serious! Your System goes Live

The system is put into operation. Users and administrators are trained together with the KeyUsers. Production and test systems are then transferred to the customer. Our complete service and support is available if you have any questions.

  • Admin and user Training
  • Monitoring of production startup on site
  • Transfer of the system to those responsible

And then?

Review and Look to the Future

At a later date the success of the project will be evaluated together with the customer. In addition, further expansion possibilities are presented. With the goal of optimizing the existing solution and to further increase the added value for the customer the process can be repeated. This means our customers can remain flexible to react to new demands and let the solution evolve. We support our clients in every important step towards a successful future.