keytech Planning

The ideal Complement to keytech PLM & DMS is the
Fully Integrated Project Management and Planning Tool © goodluz

Project Planning & Work Organization

Integrate the Project Management Level into PLM and DMS with keytech Planning © Syda Productions

Overcoming Organizational Limits

For the planning of your current day-to-day business as well as during the planning phase for individual projects, our integrated project management tool offers real benefit to project and team leaders as well as to the individual employees.

keytech Planning overcomes the border between planning and working level. Thereby information loss and media breaks are actively avoided. We provide all employees involved in the planning and work process with all necessary information and documents in the project context as well as the optimal tools and interfaces to ensure the uncomplicated cooperation of all departments. © Jakub Jirsák

Always up-to-date

Each employee receives a to-do list tailored to his or her individual tasks, which can be used to immediately capture documents, data on project progress and workloads. The mail integration in keytech also ensures fast and secure communication within the project team. The team calendar provides a graphical view of the task list and the corresponding responsibilities and thus ensures transparency and optimal distribution of resources.

Individually customizable overviews of the project and task statuses provide all involved parties with an up-to-date overview at all times and indicate possible bottlenecks or overdue deadlines. © Dreaming Andy

Reporting with One Click

In order to get an overview of current projects and their status, you had to merge information from different sources. With keytech Planning you have project and task related status overviews and timeline or Gantt charts available to get an overview of the current status of the project or task at the push of a button.

Detailed reports on planned work packages, team utilization and actual time bookings are also required at regular intervals, which often take a long time to prepare. With the integrated reporting tool of keytech Planning, you can create individual reports at any time with current data at the push of a button.

keytech Planning Features

With the help of the overview of availabilities, project and team managers can easily and quickly see whether an additional project can be managed with regard to the required employee resources. The appropriate team can be selected at the push of a button and the availabilities can be calculated depending on the planned work packages.

With the help of the team calendar, project managers and department and team leaders can easily plan projects and get an overview of which tasks the team is currently working on.

Depending on the working method, tasks can already be created automatically when planning the tasks in the team calendar.

Gantt charts are the classic representation of project plans. The Gantt view provides a quick overview of the progress of the entire project over a certain period of time. Thanks to the transparency gained, the possible effects of changes in the project can be reliably assessed and project managers can make informed decisions.

With the integrated reporting tool for team workload, planned work packages, team availabilities and real time bookings can be quickly put in relation to each other and otherwise complex reports can be generated with a few clicks directly in keytech.

The project overview of keytech Planning integrated in keytech, enables project managers and employees to get a complete overview of one or more entire projects easily and quickly

Critical paths, milestones and project progress can be easily identified and monitored.

Tasks or work packages can be easily recorded and distributed by project managers. The individual tasks are always in the context of the corresponding activity folders and the linked project documents.

From the employee's point of view these tasks converge in the "My Tasks" area in keytech, creating an individual to-do list for each user.

Time bookings are indispensable for comparing planned and actual expenses in the post-calculation. In keytech Planning it is possible to enter the actual working times for a work package directly in the corresponding task with just a few clicks. The availability of the real times directly in keytech Planning makes the detailed reports on team utilization possible.

Planning Benefits

Benefits for Your Project and Work Organization


  • Flexibility: Extensive possibilities to configure your work planning.
  • Integrated Solution: PLM, DMS and Planning in one system.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Optimal project flow through documented, daily updated project information.
  • Reporting: Create individual reports easily at the push of a button.
  • Transparency: Information about projects, resources and documents centrally available.
  • Overview: Clearly arranged by tasks, projects, times, Gantt charts.
  • Time Saving: Consistent access of tasks and resources to data and documents. © 1773921