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Since 1996 keytech Software GmbH provides professional solutions in the field of PLM and DMS software.

Worldwide keytech satisfies its customers with sound expert knowledge and years of experience. At the customer's side keytech understands itself as a reliable service provider with know-how and a sincere belief in good service, which is one of the anchors of our company philosophy.


With keytech you can use full potential


Effective product development requires efficient management of all applicable documents and revisions in the life-cycle of a product.

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Seamless electronic management of your documents is an important part for the long-term success of your company.

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Ideal complement to keytech PLM and DMS is the fully integrated tool for comprehensive project management and planning.

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Always linked correctly


The integration of various CAD and information systems within your product data management can greatly increase efficiency within your company. Do you have changed requirements or want to use new software products?

In both cases keytech is your competent partner.

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The Direct Route


The interfaces offered by keytech allow versatility and automate your internal and external workflows. Independent of the individual requirements of your company, we offer innovative technology at the pulse of time. For more flexibility in your daily work.

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Global Availability

keytech web suite
The global solution to access information

Global access to all business-relevant information corresponds to modern requirements of a sophisticated data management.

Multiple Locations
The Solution for Up-to-Date Data

The importance of integrating multiple locations is continually increasing world-wide. The main goal is to have information available wherever it plays a roll in the value-added process.

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You are interested in specific industry solutions? With keytech we optimize the client's specific objectives. We put ourselves in the situation of our customers and provide accurate PLM solutions for all requirements.



A high-performance network provides access to a wide range of solutions. That way we can individually and specifically cover our customers' requirements.



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