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The All-round Perspective on our Software Solutions

keytech offers PLM and DMS in one system. Cleverly combined with the
integrated project planning and BPMN process management, this allows
the full perspective on all enterprise information.

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Product Lifecycle Management

A product lifecycle management system allows your company to manage product data securely and efficiently throughout the entire life cycle of a product.

With PLM software customized to your needs, you can manage all product-relevant information, CAD models, documents and workflows within your company and provide all information available up-to-date to all departments and teams.


Full Integrated Project Management

Our solution for planning your projects connects work organization with PLM & DMS.

keytech planning actively helps to avoid information loss between management and operative level and offers full transparency to all parties involved at any time. With the help of our software tools project managers can easily manage and distribute tasks. The feedback of the project team in form of task status or time bookings is achieved with minimal effort.


Document Management System

Digital document management today is more than just the paperless office. keytech DMS is designed to increase process efficiency to give you a competitive advantage.  

Our integrated DMS solution enables cross-team and cross-departmental access to audit-proof information and documents in real time. In this way, we create a uniform corporate interface that establishes structures and overcomes boundaries.


BPMN Process Management & Automation

Today, BPMN 2.0 is without a doubt the gold standard in process management. With the keytech workflow engine we integrate BPMN into PLM & DMS.

Due to the increasing complexity of business processes, the demands on process documentation and management are rising. With the help of our integrated BPMN workflow engine, process owners can design workflows graphically and easily implement them in keytech. Employees can be optimally integrated and processes can be efficiently analyzed and optimized.

keytech 14

Our Answer to the Challenges of Tomorrow

With our current keytech 14 major release we have made our software fit for the future. With optimizations in the areas of architecture, technology and implementation as well as numerous new functions and features in the three feature packs of version 14 we provide our customers with the best keytech ever.


Flexible Integrations to CAD, ERP & Co.

The integration of different systems is one of the main topics in product lifecycle management. Today, seamless interfaces to a variety of authoring systems, such as CAD systems, product configurators and Microsoft Office products are no longer the only important factors. Our versatile integrations also focus on smooth processes between PLM and other information systems, such as ERP systems.

The interaction with keytech increases efficiency within different departments and work processes and helps to avoid errors and redundancies. Our interfaces serve as a smart connection between the individual applications and allow a smooth integration of existing systems in your company.

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keytech insight

The Perfect Complement to our CAD Interfaces

keytech insight takes our interfaces for SOLIDWORKS, Inventor and Solid Edge to a whole new level. With the innovative CAD Add-In, PLM information from keytech can be dynamically and directly retrieved from the respective CAD system and used in the design process.

keytech insight enables you to quickly and easily assess the PLM context of a component and make an informed decision just as quickly.

Apps & Mobile

Mobile and Platform Independent Access to all Relevant Company Information

In addition to the structured and audit-proof management and archiving of company data, the central task of digitization is also to make relevant information available to the relevant departments and teams on a cross-platform and mobile basis.

With our apps based on innovative web technology, we enable our customers to master exactly this challenge.

Location Solutions

Global Availability of PLM and DMS

Our customers are increasingly acting globally. For more and more companies, distributed locations and the global availability of data from PLM and DMS systems are playing an increasingly important role.

With our solutions for distributed locations, we enable our customers to provide every user, at every location in the world, with exactly the information they need for their daily work.