keytech DMS

Simplified and Automated Filing for
Efficient Exchange throughout the Company © corbis_fancy

Document Management System

The smooth Digital Management of your Documents,
Processes and Data is an important Component for the Success of your Company © 1781627

Powerful Searching

Do not waste precious time searching for important information. Save your company's resources with fast access via efficient search mechanisms and innovative apps as well as automatic key wording of scanned or digital documents. Give your company a decisive competitive edge by accelerating your processes and increasing efficiency to free up time for the actual tasks of individual team members. © ag visuell

Overcoming Borders

keytech offers you a functional business platform that creates structures and overcomes organizational boundaries. The document management system developed by keytech can store and organize large amounts of data efficiently and permanently. The cross-departmental access to all data and the direct distribution of documents and tasks to the respective teams and contact persons enable effective working and avoid data redundancy. © vege

Emails under Control

The DMS software manages and archives your process-relevant email traffic and reacts to the requirements of modern corporate structures. Unorganized mailboxes are a thing of the past. As an experienced DMS provider, keytech helps you to manage the daily information and document flood and to organize emails according to processes, projects and different customers or business areas. Transparency for all involved participants is guaranteed. © Kzenon

Solution for all Teams

Important data and documents must be prepared within your company in a way that is easily accessible to all teams and departments. However, there are often differences between the individual departments in terms of structure, key wording and workflow. The data management system provided by keytech is flexible and offers the possibility to configure the software individually for different teams and use cases.

keytech DMS Features

Crucial for effective and efficient document management are, in addition to the actual documents, above all the higher-level business processes. With keytech DMS you can securely define, control and optimize the important processes and workflows in your system. This way the status of the relevant documents is clear and transparent for every process participant at any time.

With the keytech workflow engine, you can define, automate and optimize the corresponding processes using the ISO standard BPMN 2.0 in keytech.

  • Flexible and individual change and release management
  • Individual support of the working methods of various departments and teams
  • Secure and transparent documentation of workflows and processes
  • BPMN process management with the keytech workflow engine

The challenge for an enterprise-wide information system is also to create filing structures that meet the requirements of many different departments and teams while creating transparency for the entire organization.

keytech DMS offers with the flexible and individual folder templates the possibility to achieve exactly this goal. With the help of the keytech folders, any business objects can be defined in the system and individual standardized folder structures can be created for different processes.

  • Definition of any business objects with keytech folders
  • Management of items, documents and emails in any context
  • Realization of company-specific filing and organization structures with corresponding templates

Data quality should not be a question of maintenance effort. With the dynamic folders in keytech DMS metadata can be maintained automatically during storage. Projects and processes can be flexibly integrated into existing file structures if required.

  • Automatic key wording when storing documents in the file structure
  • Realization of any business objects (e.g. work orders, project folders, customer folders, ...)
  • Handling of project- and process-related information
  • Process-related email archiving
  • Tasks, task distribution and monitoring as a preliminary stage to keytech planning

Although any document and file type can be stored and managed by drag & drop in keytech DMS, our DMS users appreciate the seamless integration with the corresponding authoring systems. As Microsoft Gold Partner, we have deep integrations to the corresponding Office products.

With our Office integrations, documents from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel can be easily and quickly stored and versioned in keytech.

  • Microsoft Word Integration
  • Microsoft Excel Integration
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Integration

Flexible access control and individual authorizations for different departments and hierarchical levels are particularly important in the context of a company-wide knowledge platform. With keytech DMS you can individually and flexibly control on process or document level which user can see or change which information.

  • Individual control of authorizations on group and user level
  • Flexible assignment of authorizations
  • Access control at structure and document level

Our customers increasingly operate in a global context. For more and more companies, distributed locations and global availability of documents and information from the DMS system play an important role.

With our solutions for distributed locations, we enable our customers to provide every user, at every location in the world, with exactly the information they need for their daily work.

  • Solutions for synchronization of distributed file servers
  • Solutions for synchronization of distributed databases
  • Web apps and mobile access

Apps & Mobile

In order to take full benefit of an enterprise-wide information platform, a DMS system must be able to provide information to the appropriate employees and teams in a cross-platform and mobile manner. Our innovative apps and solutions for mobile access enable our customers to master this challenge.

From a Windows app optimized for tablets to a browser research tool, we offer a variety of applications that are optimized for specific use cases.

Windows 10 Compatible

keytech PLM & DMS is supported on the following editions of Windows 10 - Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise. keytech PLM & DMS supports the standard maintenance options of Windows 10 - including Current Branch and Current Branch for Business.

keytech workflow engine

BPMN Process Management Directly in the DMS System

Increasingly complex business processes lead to rising demands on process documentation and management. BPMN 2.0 has therefore rightly become the gold standard in process management in recent years. With the keytech workflow engine we integrate BPMN into PLM & DMS.

With the help of the fully integrated BPMN Workflow Engine, workflows can be graphically designed and documented by process owners and the "finished" processes can be easily implemented in keytech. The employees can be optimally integrated into the workflow and processes can be analyzed and optimized in a goal-oriented way.

Connecting Worlds

In order to digitize entire value chains in a holistic and goal-oriented manner, integrations are needed that connect data islands and also involve suppliers, partners and customers in the process.

keytech DMS offers solutions to act as a central data hub in this interdependent network of players.

keytech portal

In order to optimally integrate external partners into the value-added process, a simple way must be found to make documents available to the relevant parties simply and securely and to document corresponding processes cleanly and with minimum effort.

With keytech portal we offer you a tool to achieve this goal in your keytech solution.

Flexible Integration
with other Systems

In addition to seamless integration with Microsoft Office products, smooth communication with other information systems in digital document management is particularly important.

Our interfaces serve as a smart connection between the individual applications and enable a smooth integration of already existing systems in your company.

DMS Benefits

Benefits for You and Your Company


  • Digital archive: Disposal of files and documents after digital capture.
  • Efficiency: Processes are accelerated and optimized.
  • Cost savings: DMS saves time, material and personnel costs.
  • Customer loyalty: Shorter throughput times ensure higher customer satisfaction.
  • Security: The use of keytech DMS enables a legally compliant information management with defined workflows without loss of knowledge.
  • Transparency: Greater transparency and easy retrieval of documents and processes.
  • Satisfaction: No frustration through long searching. © 1773921

Introduction & Training Concept

Everything for the Perfect Start into the keytech World

Just as important as a reliable and functional DMS system is the right strategy for implementing the solution. This applies equally to training and onboarding of DMS users, as well as to a well thought-out implementation concept.

keytech Training Concept

A well thought out concept of employee training is essential to familiarize your employees with all important functions of keytech DMS right from the start and to get the most out of the solution immediately after implementation.

Our experienced trainers teach in a variety of courses at the keytech academy the necessary skills to get started with keytech from day one. The current training plan is tailored to the areas of PLM, DMS and administration. Use our offer as a fixed component for the training and further education of your employees.

Concepts for the
Introduction of keytech

There are basically two ways for new customers to implement keytech DMS: Our best practice approach and a proven 5-step implementation concept. With our best practice approach we have created an out-of-the-box solution that allows keytech DMS to be implemented in the shortest time and at minimal cost.

Our 5-step implementation concept delivers a proven roadmap to your individual keytech solution from project kick off to production start and project review.