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With keytech PLM & DMS we consistently pursue the goal of offering our customers a holistic PLM and DMS system that provides a complete perspective on all relevant company information. In order to meet this goal, we have developed a variety of functions and features that make it possible to capture and manage documents and information from various sources and systems easily and conveniently in keytech.

For this reason, in addition to the CAD data, various QA documents, product data sheets and material specifications in the design department, a whole range of other documents are now stored in keytech which are important for other departments and teams throughout the company.

In order to provide easy and intuitive company-wide access to this data for our customers, we have developed a number of proprietary apps for mobile and platform independent access to keytech. On the other hand, with keytech api we also provide a modern REST web service interface that can be used by our customers and third party providers for the development of their own applications.

keytech search

Access to PLM and DMS directly in the Web Browser

keytech search brings the queries that our customers know and appreciate from the "My keytech" section into the browser.

In the modern and platform-independent web application, the stored queries are provided in an intuitive user interface and can be executed with a simple click.

keytech search offers a completely new way to provide even broader groups of users in the enterprise with information from keytech and also supports modern convenience features such as installation as Chrome-App, Single Sign On and mobile optimized Responsive Design. By combining these modern technologies with an intuitive user interface keytech search is a powerful solution for new users as well as an alternative research tool for existing keytech users.

keytech explorer

Access PLM and DMS with Your Windows 10 Tablet

With keytech explorer for Windows 10, your entire business fits in one briefcase. With the Windows 10 universal app optimized for mobile use on tablets, keytech users can easily access folders, documents, tasks, queries and favorites in keytech while on the road or out of a meeting. This ensures that access to the data relevant for the respective application is secured even with narrow bandwidths.

With the keytech explorer we offer a mobile solution that brings our customers a decisive step forward, not least in terms of Smart Manufacturing and Smart Service.

keytech api

Almost Unlimited Possibilities for own keytech Apps and Integrations

keytech's high flexibility and comprehensive configuration options have resulted in our customers' PLM and DMS solutions being at least as versatile.

Especially in the environment of highly individualized data management solutions, highly specialized user interfaces are often required for special use cases.

With the keytech api we provide customers and third party providers with a REST web service interface, which allows the development and implementation of individual applications as well as the integration of keytech data into other systems or the company's own intranet based on modern web standards.

Request the Detailed Documentation of keytech api Today

Are you interested in implementing your own apps or integrations based on keytech api in your company?

Then request the detailed keytech api documentation today and get to know the extensive functions of keytech api!

From general terms and call parameters, user authentication, to searching, retrieving and changing keytech elements, all important functions of the keytech api are explained in detail.

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With our Open Source Examples The Start is Particularly Easy

Are you interested in implementing own apps or integrations based on keytech api in your company?

With the open source programming examples we have provided on GitHub, getting started with keytech api programming is easy!

Use the projects, like a simple keytech search or the display of favorites, queries and tasks as starting point and inspiration for your own projects.

keytech Account on GitHub