Standard Workflows

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Standard Workflows
The Easy Way to Get Started with BPMN in keytech PLM & DMS

In the context of increasingly complex corporate processes and the development of ever more sophisticated products, the management of corporate processes today must go beyond purely technical document approval in the PLM system.

Often, several employees from different teams have to be involved in the document review process. A wide variety of work situations and locations and finally a multitude of end devices and work methods must also be taken into account.

A clean process definition as well as the central control of the processes by a workflow engine offer enormous added value here.

The clarity and transparency in the process gained through the keytech workflow engine bring relief from the tedious organization of routine activities.

With the goal of making the benefits of the keytech workflow engine as simple and straightforward as possible for all our customers, we have developed the Standard Workflows. Standard orkflows are an easy way to get started with BPMN in keytech PLM & DMS and solve typical organizational issues in a straightforward way.

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Your Benefits at a Glance

Ready for Action
at the Push of a

Standard workflows are characterized above all by the fact that they are particularly easy to implement in your existing keytech solution.

They can be activated at the push of a button in the workflow admin. After that, only a few steps are required to use the new workflow in your solution.

of your Existing Solution

Through the standard workflows, your existing configurations and customizations in keytech are merely supplemented and thus remain completely intact.

So you can continue to rely on the existing processes and customizations of your keytech solution and combine them with the standard workflows to solve new tasks in a simple and straightforward way.

Workflow Folders
as Process Frame

The keytech elements relevant for the workflow are combined in a superordinate workflow folder.

It is the frame for all important elements.

This way, your existing keytech structures can be seamlessly integrated into the new standard workflows.

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We have put together an information package for existing customers who want to test the standard workflows in their own keytech environment, in which we explain all the requirements, the necessary configuration steps and the two standard workflows in detail. Simply request the corresponding whitepaper!

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Standard Workflows
 Best Practice BPMN Processes

Our Standard Workflows are Best Practice BPMN Processes
that You Can Easily Activate in Your Existing keytech Environment.

The Following BPMN Process Templates are Currently Available:


There are more and more regulations and documents that various employees in the company are required to have verifiably taken note of. It must therefore be documented that and when the corresponding users have read the document. With the standard workflow "Perusal", you can compile the relevant documents in a workflow folder and easily define the recipient group of the acknowledgement.

By starting the standard workflow "Perusal", the defined colleagues receive a task to read the document and confirm that this has been done. The notes in the workflow folder then record who completed this task and when, giving the initiator of the perusal an overview and ensuring that the entire process is neatly documented in the system.


In addition to the purely technical release of documents, a higher-level organizational document release is playing an increasingly important role, in which contact persons from different departments must be involved. In order to enable this release in a simple way, especially for employees who do not work with the keytech client, we have developed the standard workflow “Release”.

With the standard workflow “Release”, the documents relevant for the release can be compiled in a workflow folder and the release workflow can be started. The BPMN process then allows parallel release by several reviewers, who have the option in a workflow task to release the process or to store a comment for the initiator of the release. Following the organizational release, your technical release can take place as usual.

We are Happy to Support You
in Testing the Standard Workflows

Would you like to test the standard workflows in your own keytech environment? Of course, we will be happy to support you personally in this endeavor. You can use our standard workflow contact form to get in touch directly with the relevant team in our support department to discuss the requirements and the necessary configuration steps.

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