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With the Integrated BPMN Workflow Engine
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keytech workflow engine
Transparency & Optimization

With the Process Cockpit, we provide process owners
with the tools they need to analyze and optimize their processes

Because the job of a process owner or process manager does not end once the finished workflow has been implemented, the Process Cockpit provides you with exactly the tools you need to gain a full perspective of the overall process.

Thanks to the detailed documentation of the individual process runs by the keytech workflow engine, data from the live operation is available, which can be analyzed with the help of heat maps and other tools. Based on the analysis, the data can be optimized more and more.

Thus, the keytech workflow engine contributes significantly to process transparency and the optimization of your workflows.


Graphical Process Design

With the keytech workflow engine you can design processes in a graphical language and easily transfer them into keytech.

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Process Automation 4.0

Thanks to the keytech workflow engine, processes can be automated in a target-oriented way and employees can be optimally integrated into the process.

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The Integrated Solution for
BPMN Business Process Management

With the keytech workflow engine you can directly create in your central document management system the basis to define complex business processes and business logics in an understandable graphical language and execute them with minimal effort in keytech.

The result is a business process management solution with which you are optimally equipped for complex processes and which optimally supports both process owners and employees.

Start today to increase the process capability of your company and get more information about keytech workflow engine!

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