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Versatile Solutions for your Product Development

The More Specific the Better

Your Product at focus

During the development of a new product many processes, schedules and forms from the collaboration are linked both internally and externally. Everything that happens at this phase of the product lifecycle has an influence on the future development of your venture.

The documentation of the development process and the accurate creation of all important data within the production will determine success or failure. For this very reason it is extremely important to integrate a versatile product lifecycle management system into the process.

keytech fully understands the requirements of this business area. We support product developers, designers and engineers from their first idea through the entire process chain to the end of the product lifecycle.

In so doing we focus less on the theoretical definition or limitations of the term PLM, rather we concentrate on the secure integration of all actual accumulating processes and on helping the user gain more time for their actual tasks.

Our software provides a comprehensive product lifecycle management portfolio. Users increase profitability and productivity in every phase of the product lifecycle by linking with leading CAD and ERP systems. Despite the wealth of information the content display is always clear and convincing with a well thought-out outline.

With the product lifecycle software developed by us, companies guide and optimize the entire lifecycle of a product. All product-relevant data and documents are managed there and workflows are actively controlled and supported. All information about the development phases is always available and up-to-date for all departments involved in the project.

With keytech you have an easy introduction to a powerful PLM system that provides you with many different options. © pavlodargmxnet

Functions and Features

  • Controlling, integration and automation of processes of all departments and systems involved in the product
  • Structured management of all product-related data
  • Automated and transparent documentation
  • Customizable release and change management
  • Support of your individual ways of working
  • Automatic delivery of item based, ERP-compliant BOMs on basis of CAD models
  • Creation and management of structure, first level and quantity BOMs
  • BOM editing in keytech (e.g. adding of non-CAD elements, Further BOM attributes, ...)
  • Support of real mechatronic BOMs with components from M-CAD and E-CAD
  • Export to different file formats e.g. XLSX, CSV, PDF, HTML
  • Structured filing of all documents
  • Standardization of filing structures through file plans
  • Automatic keywording during store process
  • Mapping of any business objects
  • Handling of project and process-relevant information
  • Task-based email archiving
  • Tasks, task distribution and supervision as an aide to keytech Planning
  • Search for geometrical similarity in keytech
  • Significant increase of reuse and active reduction of the variety of parts
  • Support of CADENAS PARTsolutions
  • Optional display of all relevant information within keytech or PARTsolutions
  • Classification of items, documents and folders
  • Freely definable classification tree e.g. eCl@ss
  • Definition of any class-dependent attributes
  • Multiple classifications
  • Automatic creation of neutral file formats e.g. PDF, DXF, DWG
  • Predefined rules and strategies (Business Rules) for automated creationof plot and print jobs
  • Plot management solutions based on market standards e.g. SEAL Systems

Windows 10 Compatible

keytech PLM/DMS is supported by keytech Software GmbH on the following editions of Windows 10 - Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise. keytech PLM/DMS is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including - Current Branch and Current Branch for Business.

PLM Advantages

Advantages for you and your company


  • Audit proof: No accidental overwriting of protected files. The entire history of an initiated change is logged.
  • Cost Reduction: Company-wide deployment of all product information enables a fast and cost effective product development.
  • Increase in productivity: More time for productive activities through continuous presence of all relevant information.
  • Innovation power: Improves development performance, because the design team has more time for the actual development tasks.
  • Process Reliability: Grants team members in manufacturing, purchase, marketing and other departments early access to up-to-date product data.
  • Quality improvement: Prevents access to obsolete data and thus corresponding sequence errors.
  • Security: Software 'Made in Germany', tailored to the needs of the users.
  • Speed: Save design time through geometrical search, rich features for using variants and a powerful database architecture.
  • Time-to-Market-Acceleration: Enables a parallel-running product development process which accelerates the launch. © 1773921