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The ideal complement to keytech PLM and DMS
is the fully integrated keytech Planning © goodluz


Integrated Project Management © Syda Productions

Overcoming Organizational Boundaries

Both planning your current daily business as well as working during the planning phase for individual projects, keytech solutions are the first choice. keytech planning overcomes the boundary between planning and working plane. This actively prevents loss of information and media breaks. We provide all necessary information as well optimal tools and interfaces to all employees involved in the work process and therefore ensure seamless cooperation between departments. Thanks to continuous access to working data you can save valuable time and money in the long term. © Jakub Jirsák

Always up-to-date

Each employee receives a customized to-do list that helps them directly capture data and time expenditure. The mail integration ensures fast and secure communication within the project team. The team calendar gives a graphical overview of tasks to be completed as well the relevant person responsible and ensures clarity and optimal distribution of resources. Customizable overviews of project and contract terms and conditions provide all participants with a current overview of every workspace available and indicate possible bottlenecks or timeouts. © Dreaming Andy

Reportings with the push of a button

Project and contract relevant status overviews as well as timeline and Gantt presentations are available. Detailed reports are needed at regular intervals; creating them can be quite time-consuming. To gain an overview of current projects and the runtime status of orders or the utilization of departments and teams, you must manually gather information from various sources (Microsoft Excel, Project, ...). This step within project management is often prone to errors. With keytech’s integrated reporting tool you can create individual reports at any time with current data with the push of a button.

Your Advantages

At a Glance


  • Flexibility: Extensive possibilities to configure the planning of your work.
  • Integrated Solution: PLM, DMS and Planning in one system.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Optimal project run by documented up-to-date project information.
  • Reporting: Easily create individual reports at your fingertips.
  • Transparency: Information about projects, resources and documents centrally available.
  • Overview: Uncluttered through projects, tasks, time, Gantt charts.
  • Time Saving: Seamless access from tasks and resources to data and documents. © 1773921