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The Easy and Secure Way to Share Documents
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The Easy and Secure Way to Share Documents
from keytech PLM Externally

Today, the value creation processes behind increasingly complex products no longer begin at the gate at a company's own premises. In many cases, a large number of suppliers, external service providers, freelancers and finally the customer himself are now increasingly involved in the product development process.

In order to effectively control the product lifecycle in this interdependent network of actors, it is necessary to find a simple way in the product development process to securely provide the relevant participants with documents and to document the corresponding processes cleanly and with minimal effort.

With keytech portal we offer you a tool to achieve this objective in your keytech solution.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Documents Easily

With keytech portal you can easily provide files for external partners directly from PLM.


keytech portal always offers you full transparency about what was provided, when, to whom.

File Transfer

On the safe side: keytech portal transfers your files and documents securely encrypted and DSGVO compliant.

keytech portal
Easy, Transparent and Secure

Integrate an easy, transparent and secure way to provide documents from your PLM system to external sources.

keytech portal supports you throughout the entire process, from compiling documents for dispatch to storing documents returned from external sources in keytech.

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Ihre Vorteile auf einem Blick

einfach bereitstellen

Mit keytech portal können sie Dateien für externe Partner denkbar einfach direkt aus dem PLM bereit stellen.


keytech portal bietet Ihnen zu jeder Zeit die volle Transparenz darüber was, wann, für wen bereitgestellt wurde.

Sicherer Dateitransfer

Auf der sicheren Seite: keytech portal überträgt Ihre Dateien und Dokumente sicher verschlüsselt und DSGVO-konform.