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20 Years of keytech

In September 1996, in the heart of the Ruhrgebiet, Dr. Reiner Heimsoth, Dr. Alfred Heimsoth and Andreas Grothus founded keytech. The development of ProfiDB, today’s keytech PLM and DMS systems,...

keytech Joins in the Search for New Standards in the Construction of Power Stations

Recklinghausen, January 15th, 2016, At the beginning of October in Duisburg the Duisburg-Essen University held the opening session for a project titled “Support for Multi-Disciplinary Engineering...

keytech Süd is Expanding after Four Years

Sulz am Neckar, November 2nd, 2015,  Four years ago Frank Schlupp founded keytech Süd GmbH in the heart of southern Germany. At that time the team was made up of around three employees who subscribed...

Work directly in the Cloud with keytech and Onshape.

Recklinghausen, Germany — June 26th, 2015. Follow the sun engineering, global networks and teams collaborating worldwide on product development are new buzzwords that have become part of the current...