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keytech Encounters Space Issues in Recklinghausen

Since the company was established in 1996, keytech Software GmbH has had its headquarters right near the A2 motorway on-ramp in Recklinghausen Suderwich. Since then, the company’s continuous growth...

PLM System as Data Centerpiece used by Packaging Systems Specialist

keytech PLM: Solution for every Challenge!

Schäfer & Flottmann GmbH & Co. KG’s range of services fully meet the requirements of modern packaging and commissioning processes. „Due to the complexity of...

keytech as Guest at the Los Angeles Convention Center – SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017

Between February 5th and 8th, more than 5,000 SOLIDWORKS users traveled to California to view the latest news, tips and tricks from SolidWorks in the general sessions, as well as in countless...

At Blaser: PLM Interface combines Design and Production Data

"Our ideas for weapon developments are born in the field, not at the drawing board. A permanent optimization and streamlining of production processes as well as the use of the latest technologies...