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Work directly in the Cloud with keytech and Onshape.

Recklinghausen, Germany — June 26th, 2015. Follow the sun engineering, global networks and teams collaborating worldwide on product development are new buzzwords that have become part of the current dialog when talking about engineering and product development software. Imagine that you could access your CAD data at any time, anywhere and on any kind of device; this is the vision that Onshape has as they try and reinvent the CAD world.

“Welcome to the Future of CAD” often fittingly accompanies the logo of a new CAD software supplier. Jon Hirschtick’s team, that is now a new professional home for many other CAD pioneers, claimed from the start that they were going to rethink CAD from the beginning and create the first CAD software to run 100% in the cloud without relying on previous versions.

And now the next forward-thinking partnership for the German PLM and DMS provider from Recklinghausen is evolving between Onshape and keytech.

“Besides continually nurturing and developing our partnerships with established and successful solutions, it is also important to look for new market trends and to expand our own solution in a future-oriented way,” says Dr. Reiner Heimsoth, CEO of keytech Software GmbH. The philosophy of making important data and information available to the user independent of location at any time perfectly aligns with the keytech web suite, with which, since its release last year, keytech has been addressing web technologies and mobile user scenarios.

The two solutions compliment each other very well in other places too. Onshape is an excellent tool for working on a product design with teams around the world. Various people can work on the same part at the same time and simple document management is already integrated.

keytech comes into play when it comes to integrating Onshape 100% into the business processes of a company. keytech gives the possibility, amongst other things, to make the data available not just to Onshape users in the cloud but also to other users from other departments and users of other systems such as ERP, CAM, E-CAD or Office. keytech CAD data can also be expanded with data and information such as invoices, orders, images and more, which can be sorted and filed in structured project folders.  So all of a company’s documents, whether technical or sales documents, are transparently available and project support is possible department-wide.

Products like Onshape and Industry 4.0 have something in common: In the next few years they are going to revolutionize our market. Data will be transparent and available everywhere at any time and on any device. This is an important challenge for our customers and prospective customers and one we will gladly work to overcome with them, explains Frank Schlupp, CEO of keytech Süd GmbH.

With this partnership, customers of both software houses will be able to benefit from one integrated solution in the future.