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Konstruktion Baumann uses keytech company-wide

What happens after the blood test at the doctor‘s? How do the laboratories manage to test the samples quickly and unmistakably? More than 30 years ago, Albrecht Baumann invented the world‘s first automated sample distribution system. Today, his son Christian runs a modern engineering service company with associated component assembly and additive manufacturing. Baumann meets the ever-increasing pressure of documentation, data protection and certification requirements across departments with keytech.

„We can‘t afford mistakes. This is deep in the DNA of our company,“ explains Christian Baumann with a laugh. A lot has changed since he joined his father‘s company in Herbolzheim in 2004 after studying engineering. The high demands that result from the profession of medical technology have always existed. The scope and speed of change has increased. In addition, the standards for certification in medical technology, such as FDA and MDR, are relatively high.