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keytech Süd is Expanding after Four Years

Sulz am Neckar, November 2nd, 2015,  Four years ago Frank Schlupp founded keytech Süd GmbH in the heart of southern Germany. At that time the team was made up of around three employees who subscribed to the motto, “ Programmed for Growth.”

The team is available to its customers as a competent solution partner for all things PLM and DMS. keytech Süd GmbH works closely with its parent company keytech Software GmbH, with both companies relying on in total more that 250 man-years experience in development and 400 man-years project experience in the implementation of PDM and PLM systems. Today they are one of the leading suppliers of product data management with more than 20,000 users, of which 5,000 are in the engineering industry.

With the experience and competence of his team as well as an extensive product portfolio Frank Schlupp is constantly winning more customers in southern Germany. The company also has grown to have 10 employees in the sales and support department. At the same time, keytech Süd is able to offer goal-oriented high school graduates in a dual program of studies in computer science at the college in Baden-Württemberg a user and application-oriented course and also offers training jobs as qualified IT specialists in application development.

It also is inevitable that the current offices in the lovely railway building in Sulz am Neckar will not be able to meet the demands of this growing company for much longer.

From the middle of February 2016 keytech Süd GmbH will be located in their new offices in Sulz-Kastell. The new building gives the team enough room for unrestrained growth in the coming year. With the additional space they can also offer more training and workshops in their own offices.

“When we founded keytech Süd we knew that with Sulz we had found the perfect location. There were already many keytech Software GmbH customers in the area.

So we were able to support these customers even more than before by being closer to them. The new location will enable us to do this even more as we will be able to organize even more events in our own space. Sales will continue uninterrupted as before,” proudly reports Frank Schlupp, CEO of keytech Süd GmbH.

The team has been able to successfully implement our original motto, “Programmed for Growth.” It remains to be seen how long the new location will suffice for this busy team.