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BENZ Tooling Manages SolidCAM Data with keytech

The Ideal Combination
In CNC manufacturing, precision and speed are the decisive factors. If you look at these quality features beyond pure machine processing, you can unlock additional optimi-zation potential. BENZ Tooling from Haslach im Kinzigtal uses keytech for the manage-ment of SolidCAM data and has since benefi-ted from several positive effects.

The atmosphere in the BENZ production hall is calm and concentrated. As team leader for CAM programming, Jochen Tränkle is responsible for smooth processes: „When we used to store the SolidCAM data on a server in a folder structure, there were sometimes challenging moments. Especially when the colleague who had stored the information was suddenly unavailable. If there were questions about the validity of the information, it could get tricky.“

keytech for Manufacturing
In order to optimize this situation, a target image was created together with his colle-ague Florian Seiler from the design depart-ment. „The idea was to structure the CAM programs in a similar way with keytech as in the design department, so that everyone has the right information from a reliable source at the right time. “There, CAD models, drawings, revision statuses and project-specific information are managed in an audit-proof manner and centrally with keytech PLM. An inquiry at keytech confirmed the feasibility. SolidCAM data as well as information and documents from manufacturing that belong to machining can be managed just as easily with keytech as 3D CAD models and projects from design.

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