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Integration of keytech PLM with CAD/ERP at SERVOLIFT GmbH

„We Move Things!“ „Due to the deep integration of keytech PLM into the CAD and ERP systems SOLIDWORKS and SIVAS, maintenance is reduced to a minimum, that means that with completion of the CAD…

The keytech Motorcycle Tour 2017

All participants completed the beautiful tour through the Hohelohekreis safe and sound and unfortunately have since had to return to everyday work life. The tour was two great days riding through the…

keytech PLM at KROHNE: The Heart of International Engineering

“Measure the facts“ With continuous growth in the manufacturing process, the KROHNE Group has developed a growing data volume with more than 250,000 items and approximately 550,000 project or…

keytech Encounters Space Issues in Recklinghausen

Since the company was established in 1996, keytech Software GmbH has had its headquarters right near the A2 motorway on-ramp in Recklinghausen Suderwich. Since then, the company’s continuous growth…