global availability

The innovative Internet solution for
efficient and intersite communication. © 1794834

Web Suite

Global access to all company relevant information © adam121

Completely detached

With its Web Suite, keytech offers a flexible and innovative Internet solution to enable easy access to documents, folders, structures and files from all devices. In contrast to the keytech desktop solution you can call up all relevant information online via the Internet. This enables sales employees or employees who work remotely as well as suppliers or individual customers to access keytech data and to communicate with one another. © luengo_ua

Up-to-date and secure

The advantage of keytech web suite is the exclusive transfer of pure payload. Access is therefore faster and more stable than with a website. Also the system is not location-dependent like a browser, rather it is access based. The current status of the work process can still be seen even after you have lost Internet connection. © Denys Prykhodov

Unlimited mobility

keytech web suite also enables platform-wide call up of all keytech data, not only from Windows systems, but also from iOS and macOS. The keytech apps are optimally adapted to the respective requirements of the user and provides the user with an operating environment they are comfortable with. The app can be downloaded from the relevant app stores and simply and easily installed.

data to go

In the past few decades the demands on a centrally managed data network have changed considerably. Nowadays internal information must be available all the time across all locations to guarantee effective communication.

With keytech web suite, we provide our customers with a family of apps, which can cover the demands of this new working environment.

Advantages for you and your company

Modern solutions for modern demands

  • Easy to deploy: Installation of the apps via respective store or through ClickOnce.
  • Efficient information distribution: Simplified user interfaces of keytech apps allow for quick, intuitive access.
  • Expanded user groups: Suitable for new user groups through utilization of established operating concepts.
  • Mobile access: For WAN connections optimized online access, extremely quick and stable by exclusive transfer of pure payload.
  • Platform-independent: Optimal integration into the look and feel of the respective operating system.
  • Secure: By considering the permission structures in keytech and end-to-end communication with keytech apps. © 1773921

Overcoming Location Constraints

Global access to all company-relevant information

Increasingly our customers are operating globally; a production plant in central Asia, a subsidiary in the United States, or simply another office in Germany. For an increasing number of companies multiple locations and global availability of data from their PDM and DMS systems are playing an even more important role.

With keytech you can now provide every user at every location around the world with the exact information they need for their daily work. You can also exploit synergy effects with joint access to a company-wide data pool and the targeted and automated transfer of information. To gain the full perspective on all relevant company information the document data management must overcome location constraints. © Julien Eichinger

Physical Location Separation is a Non-Issue with keytech dfs

keytech dfs provides a solution for synchronizing data and files across multiple locations.

For example, you have the possibility to directly access the head office database from the various locations. The dfs service synchronizes time-controlled files of all desired locations. You can also define filter rules so that all locations always have the currently valid version of the location-relevant data available. The physical separation of company locations becomes a non-issue with keytech dfs.


Unlimited Flexible Possibilities with keytech fed

With keytech fed you can work in a self-contained manner at the individual location with the location’s own database.

With keytech fed the data will be synchronized using a rules-based process between the company units. On the one hand this increases reliability and also has the advantage that the synchronization between individual locations can be fine-tuned and flexibly managed.  keytech dfs synchronizes the files. keytech fed and keytech dfs can also be combined if needed according to the need to link different company units. You are now in the position to guarantee global availability at all locations.