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The perfect basis for flexible PLM
that always adapts to new demands and reacts to acute problems © Sergey Nivens


Nowadays two deciding factors for success for CAD-supported designs are “time is money” and “time to market”. keyetch’s productivity tools accelerate the design process by eliminating some of the time-consuming routine tasks for the user. The resources saved are incorporated into the design process and are reflected in the quality of products as well as in accelerated order processing. © Syda Productions


Special CAD functionalities play an important role in developing and maintaining products. Our AddOns provide perspective at this point. keytech makes orientation within the software easier for the user with a clear overview. The links between individual components within a product are easy to recognize and can be taken into account during editing, changes and check-in. © Nomad Soul


With our AddOns we offer a functional solution when generating new part geometries as well as their reuse. Standard parts from the standard libraries such as CADENAS, VARBOX or the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox are recognized and automatically processed. Configurations in CAD and semi-fninished parts used in assemblies are managed ERP-compliant, drawings and BOMs can be output to different languages on demand.

Functions and Features

  • Detection of display and item configuration
  • Synchronization between keytech table-controlled variants
  • Support of assembly and part configuration
  • Management of all external reference types
    • External references taken into account with changes to and release of models
    • Automatic split of BOM components based on configured geometry parameters
    • ERP-compliant generation and transfer of semi-finished part information
      • Transfer of geometry parameters into the keytech BOM
      • Support of cut lists
      • Drawing output in different languages
      • Handling of multi-line text blocks and definition of variable text
        • Automatic extension of language tables
        • BOM output in different languages
        • Automatic revisioning of related drawings
        • Weight calculation about structure and reuse
        • Rule-based assembly copy incl. drawings
        • Automatic recognition, storing and releasing of standard parts
        • Easy mapping of standard part files to item master
        • Consistent management of standard parts in keytech

        Your Advantages

        Versatile AddOns

        • Flexibility: Depending on the needs, respond to special requirements of your CAD users.
        • Productivity: Automate routine activities of daily work in the CAD and PLM.
        • Clarity: Keep track even in highly complex structures. © 1773921