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keytech receives BITMi quality seal "Software Made in Germany"

With keytech Software GmbH, a German software manufacturer from the heart of the Ruhr area receives the prestigious quality seal of the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand.

When it comes to software made in Germany, many still think primarily of the best-known and most successful German software company in blue. However, SAP is by far not the only player in the German market for software solutions.

With the aim of making SMB software producers better known, the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand has created the "Software Made in Germany" quality seal. An initiative that is also supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy - not least because good software from the German SMB sector helps German SMBs to master the challenges of digitization and emerge stronger from it.

The software solution provider keytech from Recklinghausen was awarded the seal for its in-house product keytech PLM and DMS. "Our product is being produced since more than 20 years exclusively in Germany and also the complete support is located in Germany" says managing director Dr. Reiner Heimsoth. Outsourcing of development, QA and customer support has deliberately never been an issue.

The motto of the seal "Made in Germany - 100% service, quality and future" seems to fit especially well to the software producer from the Ruhr area against this background.