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BENZ Tooling Manages SolidCAM Data with keytech

The Ideal Combination
In CNC manufacturing, precision and speed are the decisive factors. If you look at these quality features beyond pure machine processing, you can...

Roland Erdrich GmbH manages CAD and CAM data with keytech

Big Breath of Relief
Roland Erdrich GmbH has been producing sophisticated turned and milled parts for over four decades. Many market leaders belong to the clientele of the CNC ...

Konstruktion Baumann uses keytech company-wide

What happens after the blood test at the doctor‘s? How do the laboratories manage to test the samples quickly and unmistakably? More than 30 years ago, Albrecht Baumann invented the world‘s first...

keytech receives BITMi quality seal "Software Made in Germany"

With keytech Software GmbH, a German software manufacturer from the heart of the Ruhr area receives the prestigious quality seal of the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand.

When it comes to software made...